We’re Doing Delivery on UberEats: Enjoy Bantu House at Home!

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At Bantu House, we’re thrilled to announce that you can now enjoy our delicious African cuisine from the comfort of your home with our new delivery service on UberEats! Located at 22224 Northwest Freeway Ste B, Cypress, TX, Bantu House brings the vibrant flavors of Africa right to your doorstep. Whether you’re craving a hearty meal or a light snack, our menu has something for everyone.

Why Choose Bantu House Delivery?

Authentic African Flavors

Bantu House is committed to offering authentic African dishes made with the freshest ingredients. From traditional soups to savory meats, our menu reflects the rich culinary heritage of Africa. Now, with our delivery service, you can experience these unique flavors without leaving your home.

Convenient and Fast

Ordering from Bantu House on UberEats is easy and convenient. Simply browse our menu on the UberEats app, place your order, and wait for our delicious food to be delivered to your door. Whether you’re having a busy day at work, hosting a small gathering, or simply don’t feel like cooking, our delivery service ensures you get your favorite dishes quickly and efficiently.

Menu Highlights

Here are some of the top dishes you can enjoy from Bantu House through UberEats:


  • Puff Puff: 7 for $6.50 These delightful African-inspired dough balls are fried to perfection, creating a crispy exterior that gives way to a soft, pillowy center.
  • Meat Pies: 3 for $13 Our golden-brown pastry encases a flavorful filling of seasoned ground meat, onions, and aromatic herbs.
  • Beef Suya: $12.99 Tender slices of premium beef marinated in a secret blend of spices, grilled to perfection.

Main Courses (Served with a side and meat of choice)

  • Egusi: $32.50 Made with a base of ground melon seeds (egusi), simmered with an array of vegetables and your choice of protein.
  • Eru: $32.50 A traditional Cameroonian dish with shredded leafy vegetables cooked in a savory sauce made from palm oil, smoked shrimp, fish, and spices.
  • Jollof Rice: $32.50 Fragrant broken rice cooked in a blend of tomatoes, onions, peppers, and a secret mix of aromatic spices.

Grilled Specialties (Served with a side, mayo, and pepper sauce)

  • Pork Ribs: $26 Tender pork ribs marinated in a special blend of spices and sauces, then grilled to perfection.
  • Tilapia: $26 Fresh whole tilapia marinated in a traditional marinade, expertly grilled.


  • Pounded Yam: $6.50 This classic West African dish features yam that has been boiled and pounded to a smooth, fluffy consistency.
  • Fried Plantains: $6.50 Golden slices of ripe plantains fried to crispy perfection.


  • Ginger Juice: $6.50 Crafted from fresh ginger roots, this zesty beverage packs a punch of flavor and a host of health benefits.
  • Hibiscus Juice: $6.50 Made from dried hibiscus flowers, this refreshing beverage boasts a deep crimson hue and a delightful tangy-sweet taste.

More Reasons To Choose Us

Easy Ordering Process

  1. Download the UberEats App: If you haven’t already, download the UberEats app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Search for Bantu House: Open the app and search for Bantu House to view our full menu.
  3. Place Your Order: Select your favorite dishes and add them to your cart.
  4. Enjoy Your Meal: Sit back and relax while we prepare your order and deliver it straight to your door.

Special Offers

To celebrate our launch on UberEats, we are offering a 10% discount on your first delivery order. Use the code BANTUDELIVERY at checkout to enjoy this special offer. Don’t miss out on the chance to savor our delicious African cuisine at a great price!

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We’re excited to bring Bantu House’s flavorful dishes to your home through UberEats. Whether you’re a fan of traditional African cuisine or looking to try something new, our menu has something for everyone. Place your order today and enjoy the best of Bantu House, delivered straight to your door.

Order Now on UberEats and Taste the Flavors of Africa!

For more information, visit our website or call us at (713) 360-8333.

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